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UPDATE: May 2016 - LTE-A - LTE Advanced is now available. This is implemented in XLTE on Verizon, Wide Band LTE on T-Mobile, LTE Plus on Sprint, and Carrier Aggregation (and other enhancements) LTE Advanced on other providers. We now have routers that support the improvements with this technology. One single router covers all US Cellular Providers and Most European Providers. Automatic Provider switching with software defined radio switches the router / modem to the correct firmware based on the sim card inserted. Before May 2016 you had to download a firmware and manually upload the file to switch the router / modem. Now it's automatic !!!! Verizon XLTE T-Mobile Wideband LTE Sprint LTE Plus Alan Spicer Marine Telecom has been working in Cellular for Yachts since 2004. Back then it was 2G and later 2.5 and 3G. We follow the technologies to be able to recommend and sell the best. web domain redirects here. Some products will be