4G For Yachts (LTE) | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
UPDATE: December 2018 - It's almost time to post 5G For Yachts, but not quite yet. 5G is the next (logical?) generation of Cellular Wireless technology. There's a lot to it including things that may not pertain to yachts. A lot of new use cases such IOT - Internet of Things, Driverless Cards, V2X - Vehicle to many things ... but the average person looks for more speed and better responsiveness (latency) which are covered in 5G. Use of higher modulation methods (256 QAM), MIMO - Multiple Antennas on both ends (tower and end user equipment.) Different frequency bands ... Sub 6 Ghz and Above 6 Ghz (Millimeter Wave.) So obviously this makes an issue with replacing radio/router unit equipment and possibly antennas. To do 2 x 2 MIMO you've got to have 2 antennas topside. To do 4 x 4 MIMO you've got to have 4 antennas topside. 5G is rolling out rather rapidly now ... but doesn't mean it will be everywhere right now. And even if it was you'd have to have compatible equipment and antennas. This