New Products Added: AER2200-1200M, IBR900-1200M, IBR1700-1200M, MC-400-1200M Modem Add-OnAlan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
We now have the pricing in for ... 4 New Products Added. Please see links under "Important Pages" on the right side. AER2200-1200M, IBR900-1200M, IBR1700-1200M, and MC-400-1200M Add-On Modem card for routers that take a 2nd modem, including those that can do so with add-on Extensibility Dock product. Note: These products may only work on AT&T Network for now. An update is supposed to come later (March 2019?) to allow them to work on all supported networks by the hardware. Alan Spicer Telecom / Marine Telecom +1 954 354 2748 communications @