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Quite awhile back I wrote a post on antennas db Myth/Marketing. Db Marketing ... a pun on dBi, dBd, as gain factors in antennas. Gb (Gb/s) Marketing ... 600 Mb/s max on a tower vs maybe 60 Mb/s to a user on a busy tower. 1200 Mb/s maybe 120 Mb/s to a user? Still an improvement over 10 to 20 Mb/s. It may be marketing, when saying something is 5G Evolution, but the improvements are like Super LTE. You can compare LTE, LTE Advanced, 600M LTE-A, and 1200M LTE Advanced Pro. These are big upgrades / improvements. Enough that Qualcomm Chipsets are made, that LTE Modem Modules are made that support them. Similarly, now, we have Gb Marketing and "G" (5G) Marketing as this article alludes to: "FierceWireless guesses that "potentially millions" of people could see the new logo, with AT&T's 5G