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The speeds listed in a 4G system are system max on an unloaded test system. Actual speeds for users on a loaded system will be much less. There is LTE Advanced Pro right now touted as a path leading to 5G. It's called Gigabit LTE. This is only currently available in certain markets. Elsewhere it is 400 Mb/s LTE-A. We already have 600 Mb/s in LTE-A routers available. Again this is the max for the technology on an unloaded system. The routers take front pluggable add on modems. As new technologies become available - modems become available - and they will just plug into the system. Should you need Gigabit LTE it's available both as built-in to routers and as plug in modems. Please contact me with any questions. Alan Spicer Telecom / Marine Telecom +1 954 354 2748 communications @