5G For Yachts … are we there yet?Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
5G For Yachts ... are we there yet? 5G For Yachts. I had the question, or should I say objection, today about this. 5G is coming ... but we are still in the early stages. There are test deployments by cellular carriers all over the country and the world. Equipment to work on 5G will be a bit slower coming out. Some phones may come out in 2019 for 5G. Routers like you would use in marine vessels such as yachts will be awhile yet coming. We don't know when. Several of our routers that come with 4G LTE-A take plug in modem modules - which makes them field upgradable. When 5G modems come out they should just plug into existing routers that you buy now. There is no reason to delay 4G LTE-A since we have 600M LTE-A already ... and you can be online and operational now. And when the modem comes out for 5G you get it and plug it in. Showing COR-IBR-1700 with Front MC-400 Modem add-on Slot More info about 5G The problem is not just routers, but antennas for the coming 5G bands.