Don't necessarily need a rugged modem? See AER-2200Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
If you don't necessarily need ruggedized ... see the AER-2200 (link next below.) More LAN ports for inside computers and devices, and 4 of them provide PoE (good for WiFi Access Points) power for devices over Ethernet cabling. Also this is $100 less than the ruggedized one. Cloud Management and Factory Tech Support is include with both models. AER-2200 ... Can also be FirstNet (First Responders) Band 14 configured 1 embedded 4G LTE-A 600M Modem Takes 2nd FirstNet or 4G LTE-A Standard Modem Some vehicles don't need a rugged modem (Communications Command Truck?) Some marine vessels don't need a ruggged modem (large Motor Yachts.) Command Site on Land (Police / Fire Station), Business Office, Branch Locations, Remote Site, Stores ... But you would like more LAN ports for inside computers and devices ... You would like PoE for Power over Ethernet devices like