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Marine WiFi Systems are available in 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz, and Dual Band (both bands) Both in the small (router/radio unit at antenna) remote power over Ethernet (run 1 cable for both Power and Network.), and Premium (MIMO dual antenna) Router - Radio Unit sits inside and Antennas are remote by Coax Cable. You can use 1 antenna topside and 1 smaller antenna inside. Or two topside antennas (2 coax cable runs.) Premium systems have more powerful router CPU systems... Recently there has become available combined WiFi Dual Band + 4G LTE Cellular systems. I am just becoming aware of this so haven't deployed one yet, but this comes from a 15 year long time WiFi Marine company. With our sales comes pre-sales consulting, determine what you need and how it will be installed. Support with the installation as needed. Alan Spicer Telecom / Alan Spicer Marine Telecom +1 954 354 2748. Cell +1 954 260 9645. communications @