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I have always primarily marketed Marine Vessels ... but these 4G LTE products are designed for Business - Branches and Sites, and Mobile (land mobile) vehicles and Fleets. So please contact me if you have a need or a project for these. With the new included Netcloud Management and Support it's easier to get your branches and mobile fleets online on 4G LTE Advanced as primary or backup Internet Access. COR IBR 1700 is designed for vehicle use. with Netcloud you can Manage and Maintain a fleet of vehicles from 1 logon to Netcloud.One pane of glass they call it. Here it is again ... AER 2200 is designed for business branches and sites and the same applies to it as far as being able to Manage and Maintain multiple branches and sites from one pane of glass, as mentioned above. Some sites are temporary or what they call Pop-Up stores. Some sites are remote offices or locale (location