New Routers available as Marine Pack from ASMT, now with Netcloud Cloud Management and 24/7 SupportAlan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
The following are available as a Marine Pack package with Topside Antennas, Coax Cables, and Adaptors to do a full installation. These are 3gpp Release 11and I believe CAT 11 based on them saying 600 Mb/s built-in modems. Previously products were based on Release 10 CaT 6 modems. Also notice some additional LTE bands are included. Please see: and Routers we have sold in the past did not come with support from Cradlepoint. If you called them (if I called them) they would not help us ... we had to sell CradleCare support agreements. Recently they have renamed that to Netcloud. It also includes Internet web browser based Management of 1 router or many routers.This makes it easy to manage and software update your routers. It provides 24/7 support. And