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Available from Alan Spicer Marine Telecom - High Gain Marine Cellular / 4G LTE ready antenna systems. "Nodoby" can guarantee how many miles you will get with an antenna system - because locations vary (boats travel) and coverage and directivity of cell sites is a big variable. But if you have the BEST antenna system then your part of the equation is at its BEST and your chances are whole hell of a lot better! --- Alan Spicer. The Omni Directional Antenna series covers digital..., analog and PCS cell bands in 3 different sizes: 0.5m, 1m, 2m radome. 7-8 dBi, 9 - 10 dBi, 11 - 13 dBi. These Omni Directional Antennas are lab built. All electrical connections are hand soldered and gold plated for reliability, minimizing loss and preventing corrosion. Internal architecture of the antennas are proprietary in design, specially developed for the marine industry by a team of scientists who design and build antennas for NASA. Two years of research and performance testing has resulted in an