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Why? Not what do I sell or what do I do … but Why? You've got to believe in something. You've got to be ABOUT something. So Why do I do this thing called Alan Spicer Marine Telecom? I do THIS because I believe I can save marine vessels money on Internet Access. When compared to VSAT usually 3G – 4G Cellular Internet, and WiFi Hotspot, are less expensive (by far) and the Speeds are much faster. You like options and I like options for The Best and the Lowest Price. I.T. guys might call this "Least Cost Routing". It means for a given location how many options for Internet do we have? And what's the Best Option for this location? (And can our gear on board work with the best option?) I do THIS because I believe I can make things Simpler and Easier to use for you Day To Day Internet management tasks. For this reason – How? What system has the best features for things working as automatically as possible? Who wants to have to have 2 routers to change major cellular carrier / provider? Who