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I don't just sell equipment ... especially without some knowledge and thought in the process. This stuff is generally not that kind of thing that you can just sell generically. That being said I can make packages with everything needed to install these systems. I can also help you with adding to or designing your whole network system on marine vessels. On vehicles it's a little easier because chances are this is the only device in your vehicle, providing WiFi to use it. On larger vehicles such as communications trucks you may have other infrastructure to connect to. I generally give 30 days installation support (within reason) to get you going. Anything more involved a Consulting Arrangement will be used. I have worked with all sorts of systems - VSAT = Cisco Routers - Kerio Firewall Router and more. So don't be upset if I ask a number of questions during the sale process. I need to make sure a system fits (coax cable lengths and such) and what your expectations are along with my