Interesting points of NEW COR-IBR-900 Series [4G LTE-A]Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
Please see: - This is a new Fixed Page. Book Mark It. Get LTE-A (see below) with Carrier Aggregation for your vehicle or marine vessel. (Or anywhere you need Quick Easy Pop UP Internet Access - Remote Sites, Construction.)The 900 Series has better Sim Slot (easier access for Sim Card Swapping) and for those that just want to try it out without hard installing with a Topside Antenna - it now includes DC and AC Power Supplies and All 4 Antennas (2 WiFI and 2 Cellular.) [in the 1100 Series we had to order those items EXTRA.] Yacht in Boat Yard Shed? Can't Get VSAT Signal? Get Your Internet Back Online!!!! I will help you plug this into your Router System (Any technicalities of it.) I still like the COR IBR 1100 Series. It's still a viable option. What I like about this new COR IBR 900 Series is The SIM SLOTS are those push in ratcheting Front Slots. In