Interesting points of NEW COR-IBR-900 Series [4G LTE-A]Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
Please see: - This is a new Fixed Page. Book Mark It. Get LTE-A (see below) with Carrier Aggregation for your vehicle or marine vessel. (Or anywhere you need Quick Easy Pop UP Internet Access - Remote Sites, Construction.)The 900 Series has better Sim Slot (easier access for Sim Card Swapping) and for those that just want to try it out without hard installing with a Topside Antenna - it now includes DC and AC Power Supplies and All 4 Antennas (2 WiFI and 2 Cellular.) Yacht in Boat Yard Shed? Can't Get VSAT Signal? Get Your Internet Back Online!!!! I will help you plug this into your Router System (Any technicalities of it.) I still like the COR IBR 1100 Series. It's still a viable option. What I like about this new COR IBR 900 Series is The SIM SLOTS are those push in ratcheting Front Slots. In the IBR 1100 series it was on the bottom of the router