Dual SIMs vs Dual Modems (WAN/LAN Switchable Ports)(Dual Modem Docks for Single Modem Routers)Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
Why would you buy a Single Modem router vs Why would you buy a Dual Modem Router? If you stay on one 4G provider all of the time and switch sim cards when you leave the country - that's a Single Modem Router. While it can Fail Over (more slowly than Dual Modem Router) it cannot Load Balance two 4G providers. Single modem routers have 2 sim capability. Dual Modem Routers have 2 modems with 2 sim capability. If you router does not have removable modems it's a usually a Single Modem Router. If it, like AER-2100 and AER-3100 has removable modems it's a Dual Modem Router. Single Modem Router can load balance 1 wired Internet Connection and 1 (the Built-In) 4G LTE connection. Dual Modem Router can load balance 2 4G LTE and several wired Internet connections. Check the number of Wired Connections needed when selecting a Router. AER-2100 has 4 LAN and 1 WAN port. AER-3100 has 12 LAN and 1 WAN. WAN is Internet. On both of those models the LAN ports can be switched to be WAN/Internet ports. COR