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Marine visitors - please see the update on the "Cradlepoint MBR 3G/4G" tab at the top left of this page. I/We get a lot of calls regarding 4G Routers especially since I have been in the front of the pack as far as selling and supporting Ericsson W25 and W35 products. (See the Marine 4G LTE Alliance tab as well) Ericsson had come out with a 4G product (complete with videos on YouTube) that seem to be "Vaporware" for mere mortals trying to get them. The latest word I got today was that Ericsson was getting out of the "Ericsson branded routers" business and those L13 and L21 products were being discontinued anyway. So it's getting difficult to find a 3G and 4G capable router that can be installed in marine vessels ... and pretty much impossible to find one with the Analog Phone Jack that those Ericsson products had. But setting aside the phone jack issue for now ... we have a line of products with 3G and 4G LTE built-in. Similar to before you have to pick a model depending on who your US