Panbo thinks he might have been picked up by Wall Street, Inmarsat rate increases too?Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
Strong (extra?) Terrestrial Storm headed towards the wallets of marine satellite users (Inmarsat Rate Increases...) Unfortunately I must also report that I've just seen a leaked email strongly suggesting that Inmarsat is going to significantly raise its rates in the months ahead. You may recall that Inmarsat caused a stir last year when it enacted rate policy changes that seemed particularly hurtful to cruisers who used Fleet Broadband lightly or only for parts of the year. That situation was tough to figure out as there are so many layers between Inmarsat and the end customer, and some of those layers (like KVH) also compete against Inmarsat with their VSAT service (which can now be globalized with integrated Iridium OpenPort). I was also pleased to learn last fall that Intellian is somehow offering lower-end FB service bundles that can be turned on and off without fees. But if I