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I thought I would make some quick suggestions on how to view this site in your web browser. There are many web browsers available today on numerous operating systems. There are also many different sizes of computer monitor screens in use. From the old CRT monitor screens to flat panel laptop and desktop screens, many which are very wide screens indeed. The aspect ratio, like in television, is quite different, depending on what you are viewing this site on. Your web browser may also start out, or you may have changed, the percentage of your desktop that it occupies. If this site appears to you as too much of a skinny stripe down the middle of your monitor screen - you might consider increasing the ZOOM of your web browser. This in combination with Restore down (in Windows the button in the upper right next to the minimize button) may make the presentation of this sites pages more pleasing and easier for you to read. The main contents (Table of Contents), other than the blog post