Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 – It was *My* Idea. Testing the beta of IE 9Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
Well IE9 wasn't really my idea ... but one of my gripes about IE8 and earlier versions was that nagging question of "Why does this site bog down the whole browser?" - when very often some slow loading web site, or one that's down completely, or some glitch on a web site, seemed to lock the web browser completely. It makes someone that knows (just a little bit...) want to ask: With all this multi-tasking and multi-core processors and such - why is something bogging down the browser, or even Windows itself? So according to a PC World report ... maybe this problem is fixed???? I'll let you know later. I just got it. will lead you to a link for the download. Even the download of the beta was easy to get!!!! No logging into MS Technet and applying for a Beta program in order to get it. You just click and get it. The download was fairly fast. The installation was fairly fast. It did require a