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Ericsson W35 Marine Pack "Kit" For deploying 3G Cellular Internet and Voice on Marine Vessels $ 860.04 + Shipping and Handling Quick Overview Voice/Fax/Internet on your Boat! High Speed Internet Downloading weather maps, booking a marina berth or searching for a good restaurant at your next stop is made easier and is much more price friendly with an Ericsson W35 Fixed Wireless Terminal. The Ericsson W35 operates on the 3G/GSM network, and is capable of reaching data speeds of up to 7.2mbps making it faster than standard broadband connections. Connection to your computer is via the W35's 4 port network hub or wirelessly via a WiFi link. High Quality Voice The Ericsson W35 operates over the 3G cellular network but has a telephone socket for connecting a landline telephone handset. Call quality is identical to that of a landline and cordless telephones can be used for wireless roaming around the boat. What is included in the package: Ericsson W35 Marine and remote communication is