Alan Spicer Cradlepoint Authorized Partner – CRADLEPOINT ADDS WiMAX TO INDUSTRY LEADING MOBILE BROADBAND NETWORKING PRODUCTSAlan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
Alan Spicer Telecom / Marine Telecom is a Cradlepoint Authorized Partner. Which means I sell and support Cradlepoint products. And I'm not your average seller - I like to know how stuff works dot com. I have the I.T. and Network Adminstration background and the Cellular Industry Knowledge (and the Brainbench Cert. to prove it.) NOTE: Alan Spicer is based in Southeast Florida. Cradlepoint lists me as "Marine Telecom" under Where To Buy in Florida. But you don't have to be in Florida to buy from Alan Spicer. You Don't Have to Be In Florida to take advantage of my consulting and support. 30 days complimentary basic installation support comes with every router product that I sell. So please find me under Florida on - from whereever you are In The US or Around the World. And Thanks in Advance! Anyway since we were on the subject of WiMax... I do a lot of marine consulting, sales, and installation - and sail / motor yachts are one of the ultimate mobile platforms. They really