Cost Saving – Back Up Internet and Voice Telephone for YachtsAlan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
Cost Saving - Back Up Internet and Voice Telephone for Yachts - means not only the physical hardware systems ... but the knowledge in the industry and systems to support their use to provide multiple systems, and cost savings for marine (sail and motor yacht) vessels... In order to save $$$ on communications costs - Alan Spicer is often called in to implement solutions using multiple technologies in a heterogenous onboard network onboard sail and motor yachts - including those with existing Satellite Communications Systems. Cellular 3G+ and WiFi Hotspot Sharing Broadband Router systems can be used to give a vessel more options (= choices) in their Voice and Internet Communications. Often WiFi is available when at anchor or in dock in a marina or yard. WiFi is often free, or pay per (day, week, month, ...) and has high bandwidth/speed compared to other Internet Communications methods. Voice over IP can be used for telephone across most Internet Connections to save on roaming charges.