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Check out: Your Internet Connection and your Voice Telephone Service have become critical to business and Home Office. If these services go down you lose money, time, and productivity. Staff ends up working on the clock but can't get things done because of the lack of Internet and Telephone Communications. Prevent that from happening by using 3G Cellular Voice and Internet Routers to step up and provide these services when the normal landline services fail. The gear we're talking about can connect to standard RJ11 telephones and PBX systems - and the Internet part of these units provides an RJ45 (CAT5 or CAT6) network switch hub as well as wireless Access Point functionality. If you use a server or a router that can fail over to a 3G Cellular Router when the Landline fails then you can remain quite nicely operational! Otherwise we can consult for you on how to inexpensively provide that failover functionality either via manual switching or automatic