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Alan Spicer Telecom / Alan Spicer Marine Telecom is in the process of being set up to be a Cradlepoint Authorized Partner. Cradlepoint, in case you don't know, makes Cellular Mobile Broadband Router products - such as the MBR1000 - that handles the newer Cellular Internet Cards that you get when signing up for Mobile Internet from the cellular companies. Two USB ports and 1 Express Card port for Modem Card connectivity: USB and Express Card Cellular (laptop style) cards are supported. Many other mobile broadband routers just don’t support these newer style cards. Cradlepoint also has 802.11n wireless for onboard your vessel, and ethernet CAT5 jacks for wired networking and for expanding your onboard network. I’ve had a web page for awhile on the MBR1000: which will get updated soon. Meanwhile if you use multiple cellular Internet cards on your boat - you might want to consider this one. One of the key benefits of the MBR1000 is that