I am testing Windows 7 Release Candidate (May '09) – also Windows 7 Activation Already Hacked (News)Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
I am testing Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate) supposedly released in May '07. This is an official Microsoft download - and anyone downloading Windows 7 to play around with it probably should be careful to download it from official sites. Other downloads could contain virus or trojan horse type of malware. Anyway the new Windows 7 is supposed to be faster and easier to use, and it does have some nice features having to do with the program task bar, and windows manipulating that make things easier to do. The Desktop Gadgets (in Vista the Sidebar) are no longer glued to the side bar panel and can be placed anywhere on the desktop. You can read more about the improvements and new features in Windows 7 on the official MS web sites. [screen shot image of Windows 7 RC May 09 including default? desktop background wall paper image - removed upon request from Getty Images.] I am running Windows 7 RC in Vmware as a virtual machine because I didn't want to risk any of my current hardware for this