Re: What the Microsoft-Yahoo-Bing Deal Means for YouAlan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
The following commentary by Alan Spicer is based upon: Re: What the Microsoft-Yahoo-Bing Deal Means for You It seems that if you don't own a market space these days - you just buy it (or merge with it? same thing?) Not much innovation, I don't think. I like things simple myself. Don't want too many widgets, toolbars, etc. And I don't want too much BING or BLING in my search engine of choice. I personally don't care what Google or anyone else does with my search meta data. It all gets compiled into statistics and reports I'm sure anyway. It's not like they are reporting that I visited certain porn web sites or something. I search for a lot of things both for personal, family, and work / business related. I imagine Google's still trying to figure me out I have no rhyme or reason. They do a pretty good job of delivering search results, including when I'm looking to purchase something at a better price for either myself or one of my customers