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When Pirates Attack: Shipping Executive Speaks Out The crew of the Liberty Sun was on high alert. Just days after the dramatic rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips and the Maersk Alabama from pirates, the Liberty Sun was off the waters of East Africa on a mission of mercy, carrying enough food aid to feed more than 250,000 people for a year. Then it happened. Somali pirates attacked the ship, damaging it with four rocket-propelled grenades and strafing it with automatic weapons fire. While none of the crew was injured and the vessel escaped capture, there were many valuable lessons learned. Come hear them during the luncheon presentation by Liberty Maritime President and CEO Philip J. Shapiro at Marine Log's Countering Pirates on Sept. 16 at the Washington Marriott Hotel. Join Mr. Shapiro and other marine executives as they discuss and debate how to effectively deal with pirates, as well as the legal and financial problems posed by continued armed robbery at sea. Among the topics to be