Ericsson W35 unit pictures with a cheap (?) web cam … but a REAL E W35Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
* Here are some pictures of an Ericsson W35. Yes the quality of the pictures may be not so good. The web cam does some megapixels and hd resolution ... but it's a bit rough in the shop environment to get good lighting, and reflections are a bear! But... it's a real Ericsson W35 - not marketing photos ... these photos likely show more than any marketing photos would. Stand By Mode - by pressing the bottom front button. Turns off the Internet, but maintains voice telephone capability. Make sure the kids do their homework, or the workers do their work, or the crew of the boat is working instead of surfing the Internet. Light changes from blue to red when standby mode is engaged. Press it again to go back to normal. Ooops! The Ericsson W25 - the W35's older sibling ... and still quite a formidable unit, minus the HSUPA (higher speed upload.) * Anyway - the Ericsson W35, not much bigger than a DVD or Blu-Ray box ... a little bit taller ... a little bit thicker. It fits