Ericsson W35 – Mobile Broadband Router Voice Telephone – Web GUI Screen ShotsAlan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
Here are some new Screen Shots of the Web Pages management of an Ericsson W35. Click on the thumbnail images here to get the full sized images. Thanks for looking! Erricson W35 - login page - Ericsson W35 - Overview Page Ericsson W35 - Internet page 1s half Ericsson W35 - Internet page 2nd half Ericsson W35 - LAN Page 1st half Ericsson W35 - LAN Page 2nd half Ericsson W35 - Wireless LAN Page Ericsson 35 - NAT Page Ericsson 35 - SHARING Page Yes it does sharing of Printers and USB Memory sticks and USB Hard Disk Drives (in effect a Network Hard Drive.) Ericsson W35 - SYSTEM Page - software update information and such... (back up and restore configuration.) Ericsson W35 on clocking in at 2.73 Megabits Per Second download and 0.45 Megabits Per Second (450 Kilobits Per Second) on upload. Note this is on on "3G +" - 3G Plus -- on AT&T UMTS / HSPA - with both High Speed Uplink Packet Access and High Speed Downlink Packet Access. A lot of tests I ran