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A lot of businesses will sell you all sorts of things. Often times they've never used the product they are selling you. If you call them or contact them and ask: How do I do ... ? How do I use this for... ? They will often give you a dumb look. Dumb Looks are Still Free after all. ASMT doesn't give dumb looks though at any price. Sorry we just don't have them. ASMT has seen, configured, and "lit up" for actual use the products that we sell. We have the documentation, often a lot more than anybody can get, for everything. ASMT helps customers through the life cycle of the products - from installation, to use, to service later on if it ever fails - including assistance with the red tape often associated with warranty service. Lost your receipt? Bought it from ASMT? We got you covered. Alan Spicer - I may not be a very good salesman - but I know how stuff works. I know to make solutions out of otherwise arbitrary boxes. And I generally know which boxes are the best ones to use. I know how