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Alan Spicer Marine Telecom can handle all U.S. and many International locations for Sales and Support of the products that we use. The price has been recently reduced on the Ericsson W35 for a limited time. These Mobile Broadband Routers are very popular on Sail and Motor Yachts as well as other Marine Vessels. They are also excellent at Remote Data Acquisition jobs, Remote Telephone or Temporary Telephone uses (with the added benefit of 3G Fast Internet HSPA), as well as other Landline and Internet Replacement - and Mobile Broadband / Telephone applications. ASMT also features Marine WiFi Hotspot Broadband Router (Internet Sharing System) for Sail and Motor Yacht installations as well. It's a sealed unit for installation above or below decks. It has higher power and receive capability than most WiFi Cards in Desktop or Laptop Computers. It can save you money on those hotspots that are pay - by sharing that same signal with multiple users laptops onboard a marine vessel. That's not to