ASMT and IME finish 55 Foot Sea Ray – Lorelei (2 Internet Antennas)Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
Friday - Alan Spicer Marine Telecom and International Marine Electronics finished the vessel Lorelei in one day. Despite rain and thunderstorms - Alan of ASMT and Bryan of IME finished installing a cellular antenna and a WiFi antenna + a WiFi Hotspot Sharing Router system on the vessel. The customer already had Cisco 800 series router gear on the boat with WiFi for inside, and also had a custom VOIP and VPN set up. ASMT will continue to support the customer under a 1 year support agreement that has been in effect since October 2008. --- Call +1 954 683 3426 - for all your Land and Marine Communications - and Marine Electronics needs. Alan Spicer Marine Telecom / International Marine Electronics