Yachts: Heed the 5Gigabyte Limit on AT&T 3G CellularAlan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
Hello again. I got another report from an associate... someone within the US got a $5000 AT&T 3G Cellular bill. No not roaming. Just going over 5GB of Data Use. So Captains, brief your crews... that this is something to watch out for. There are ways to monitor data usage in the W25 - not by individual user ... but totals. So keep an eye on it. Advise your crew members that while on 3G Cellular Internet that this is not something to watch videos over. Don't the latest basketball game or football game, etc. Don't watch TV across the Internet. Yah I know the commercials have promised us all of these things... but it looks like these promises are no good so far on cellular. It's not hard to hit 5 Gigabytes with heavy usage. Trust me I know, I'm using it now. Regular web surfing and email should be fine. Go ahead and do your normal business. Just don't use 3G Cellular to watch too much video or TV online. Don't download DVD or CD sized content because that adds up to hundreds of