Yachts: You've got Cellular Voice – now add 3G Cellular InternetAlan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
A lot of yachts out there... already have a Cellular Voice system. It's probably connected to the PBX or Telephone Jacks for voice telephone service for the whole yacht. Chances are it's an older Ericsson F221m or F251m system. Those units have the telephone line connection expected by analog telephone gear and PBX systems. They also had a 9-pin modem cable connection for something called GPRS/Edge Cellular Internet. Those systems can be replaced / upgraded to the Ericsson W25 - using the same cellular antenna, coax cabling, and connection that screws onto the unit. With the E W25 you step up to 3G Internet Access, drop the 9-pin modem connection - which was quite difficult to share onto a boats network, and gain a real Internet Router capable of sharing the Internet onto on board wired and wireless computers and laptops. The E W25 also retains the telephone line connection capability for your PBX or Analog Telephones that the older units have. So you can replace the older unit