Yachts: Ericsson W25 – Monitoring Internet Usage, What's a KiB?Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
For my yachting customers I'm interested in ways to monitor the Internet data usage - especially in light of my recent blog post about the 5GB limit imposed by AT&T on their 3G Cellular Network. In the web interface of the Ericsson W25 - Open your browser to your bookmark or favorite for the unit, or enter (or whatever is the configured IP Address of the unit.) Login as username: user, Password: user. Newer firmwares you may only have to enter the Password: user. On the left side click on the tab for the "Internet" page. Just below the Link Status is a section with a heading TRAFFIC STATISTICS. This section has Transmitted and Received counters - and includes Transmitted and Received "Current Month" and "Previous Month". This information can be useful in determining how much data traffic (Internet) you have used - and can help you to avoid going over the AT&T 5GB per month usage. Note: I haven't tested as to wether these counters survive a reboot or power