Yachts: Ericsson W25 – Enable High Data RatesAlan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
The following recommendation comes from the Administrators Guide for the Ericsson W25. It seems to indicate that Windows Vista (and Linux)computers don't need this to be done. Enable High Data Rates Due to the relatively high latency of HSDPA it is necessary to tweak the TCP/IP stack of the client to achieve maximum performance. The changes that affect performance the most are enabling TCP Window Scaling and Selective ACK support. Most HSDPA PC Card drivers make these settings automatically, but with the Ericsson W25 they have to be set manually. Note: Windows Vista and recent versions of Linux kernels have automatic window scaling enabled by default and should not need any TCP tweaking. These kinds of parameters are hidden in the Windows registry, but there are some tools that give user friendly access to them, for example TCP Optimizer and DrTCP . The following settings are recommended to change: TCP Receive