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I just got an email ... And it was good enough of an information update to go on my famous Bahamas /Carribean Cellular Information Page. The page that's not only done by me, but done by the input of YOU - The Yachting Community. A Yacht Captain in Harbour Island, Bahamas ... At the North End of Eleuthera Island near Spanish Wells. Here goes: 2009 February 12 - From a Yacht in the Harbour Island, Bahamas: We're over here getting ready for the Boss in Harbour Island, known for it's pink sand beach because of the color of the coral that gets ground up in the surf. It's actually not all that pink. You can really only see it when the sun is out. Anyhow I discovered that BaTellCo Data is now working up here. I just looked at the Ericsson Config page and it shows 5 Bars, Connection is EDGE, Roaming on Service Provider: BaTellCell 36439 [what ever that means]. Two years ago, the only cell phone that would work up here was my old Analog