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USTelecom DailyLead Verizon: Bloomberg Report Wrong About VoIP Transition Paula Bernier 01/13/2009 A spokesman for Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) today told xchange that the Bloomberg News report, which was picked up by the Los Angeles Times, saying that the telco plans to retire its copper plant and move completely to VoIP within seven years, is off base. "We kind of wish this story would just go away," said Jim Smith, director of media relations for Verizon Telecom, of the piece quoting Verizon CMO John Stratton, with whom a Bloomberg reporter spoke at last week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Smith added that a public relations person from the wireless side of Verizon was present at the interview. When asked whether Verizon in fact expects to go all-VoIP within seven years, as stated in the Bloomberg piece, Smith said while the company is introducing VoIP as part of its FiOS bundle, that doesn't mean it's