Happy New Year 2009 – Updated is Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
Happy New Year to everyone! 2009 will rule! I think we've got a lot of exciting changes and things that will happen with the new year. Hang in there with us and with the U.S. economy. We'll surely have a turn around for everyone. I wish all the motor and sail yacht community the best in 2009 - we've weathered a bit of tough year 2008 and we'll no doubt make changes and improvements for a much much better year 2009. Please have a look at changes to the following ASMT page - and have a look a this blog as well as the new blog (simulcast) on - * I definately appreciate all of the existing and new friendships and customers in the sail and motor yacht world - and the chances I've had to provide equipment and services to all of you. Please keep in touch and call me in 2009. --- Alan Spicer Telecom / Alan Spicer Marine Telecom