Study: People want more networking options (maybe on Yachts/Marine Too?)Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
(ASMT Note: ) Often the trends in homes and businesses translates to the yachting marine market that we work in. For example I've seen a bit of a trend towards wanting Network Storage Devices (hard drives) that can be left on - on a yachts' internal network - while other PC Computers and Laptops can be turned off. These hard drives allow also security with special sections for different users (e.g. Stewardess, Captain, Owner, Engineer) that are password protected, as well as a general Public section that everyone onboard can access. Wireless phones and PDA's have been popular - many with WiFi that can get onto the onboard network on a yacht. The usual gamut of Microsoft Windows Laptops and Apple Macintosh Laptops are always found on yachts as well - with File Sharing and Printer Sharing being important requirements for many vessels. A lot of Television / Audio Visual stuff these days have network capabilities and often connect with CAT 5/Ethernet and sometimes Fiber Optic cables.