Undersea Cable Cut Disrupts Internet Connectivity in Europe, Middle East and AsiaAlan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
Damage caused to three undersea cables on December 19, has disrupted internet connectivity between Europe, Middle East and Asia. Cable damages are taking place almost every year. Cableship C/S Raymond Croze from France Telecom Marine is expected to reach the location to inspect and to undertake cable repair. It may take about 7-10 days for completion of cable repair. Some of the disturbing features of undersea cable damages are: Cables damaged are:Sea Me We 4 (SMW 4), Sea Me We 3 (SMW 3) and FLAG EA. Damage is reported to be under the Mediterranean between Italy and Egypt. Around 75 million people from 14 countries are affected by the current problem. Maldives: 100% out of service India: 82% out of service Qatar: 73% out of service Djibouti: 71% out of service United Arab Emirates: 68% out of service Zambia: 62% out of service Saudi Arabia: 55% out of service Egypt: