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2008 hurricane season mostly spared Florida THE BUSY 2008 HURRICANE SEASON BROUGHT SEVERAL CLOSE CALLS. BUT FLORIDA HASN'T BEEN HIT BY A MAJOR HURRICANE FOR THREE YEARS. BY EVAN S. BENN Forget about cones of danger, storm shutters and supply kits -- for six months, anyway. The 2008 Atlantic hurricane season officially ends Sunday. Despite a few close calls and a drenching from Tropical Storm Fay, Florida escaped the season mostly unscathed. Our Caribbean neighbors were less fortunate, with Cuba and Haiti getting pounded by a succession of major hurricanes. ''This will probably go down as a nonmemorable year for Florida and a catastrophic year for Haiti and Cuba,'' National Hurricane Center Director Bill Read said. ``But we came very close here a couple of times. Any small change in steering currents could have brought us a direct hit.'' As it turned out, Florida's only direct hit came from Fay, a meandering