Marine: 471104 Weboost Connect 4G-X - KIT $899.99 | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
"weBoost Connect 4G-X has been the only reason that I could connect to the internet at all; it does what it promises, and it does it well" Inside Panel Antenna Coax cables to outside and inside antennas and inserting power connection The whole kit ... Repeater / Amplifier Unit, Outdoor Antenna (Yagi), Instruction Manual, Power Supply, Inside Antenna, Coax Cables, Mounting Hardware. On yachts we usually replace the Yagi with an Omni-Directional Cellular Wideband Antenna. You can also replace the coax cable(s) with LMR-400 if the included runs are not long enough. Say hello to reliable cell signal, more consistent data speeds and effortless communication. Connect 4G-X gives you a stronger, more reliable cellular signal to keep you seamlessly connected at home or in the workplace. (formerly AG Pro 4G 461104) You rely on your cellular connection every day to connect with family and friends, to access emails and make important calls. Connect 4G-X can significantly improve your