Need To See ID — Reflections From a Murky Pond
As it's almost time for another election in America and as we've someone who's both a Democrat and a Black controlling the DoJ, let's review the fact that not all ID requests are considered equal. ID Requests Not Racist ID Requests Are Racist PURCHASE ALCOHOL PURCHASE CIGARETTES OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT APPLY FOR FOOD STAMPS* APPLY FOR WELFARE APPLY FOR MEDICAID APPLY FOR SOCIAL SECURITY APPLY FOR A JOB APPLY FOR UNEMPLOYMENT RENT A HOUSE BUY A HOUSE APPLY FOR A MORTGAGE DRIVE A CAR RENT A CAR BUY A CAR GET ON AN AIRPLANE GET MARRIED PURCHASE A GUN ADOPT A PET RENT A HOTEL ROOM APPLY FOR A HUNTING LICENSE APPLY FOR A FISHING LICENSE BUY A CELL PHONE VISIT A CASINO GET A PRESCRIPTION HOLD A RALLY OR PROTEST DONATE YOUR BLOOD BUY AN "M" RATED VIDEO GAME VOTING * - There is an exception to the official ID requirements for foodstamps if the recipient can show that they're homeless. It is not an easy or quick procedure though in most states, especially for those homeless not in some form of shelter. Not All ID Requirements Are Equal Yes, it's true. The appropriateness and political correctness of states requiring government issued photo ID in order for a citizen or resident to purchase something or perform some action is ONLY considered racist by America's domestic enemies when it involves voting.