Pittsburgh Opera Delivers Vibrant, Connected Experiences
Viewed as one of the most vibrant opera organizations in the United States, Pittsburgh Opera is always looking for ways to maintain this perception by offering new, innovative, and exciting programming. But they don’t stop there. They’ve also embraced how a mobile app can bring these same values to their web presence by complimenting their website instead of competing with it. They focus on tools such as exclusive time-based At-The-Venue content and Geofences to give their patrons a connected experience at the opera. Christian Cox, Director of Marketing for Pittsburgh Opera, answers our questions about what made them decide to get a mobile app and their experiences implementing it. Pittsburgh Opera Headquarters, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Why did you decide to offer a mobile app for your patrons? Pittsburgh Opera wanted a convenient way for our patrons to access content. Our website uses Responsive Design, and some people questioned why we needed an app when our patrons can already easily use our website on their smartphones. But the app is more ‘compact’ and experiential, and is a cleaner way to provide exclusive content while a patron is at one of our performances or events. Why did you choose InstantEncore’s mobile solution? We wanted an established solution with a solid track record in the performing arts universe. We did not want to have to do any intensive coding or application development in-house. InstantEncore has tons of useful features that add a lot of value, and was simple to install and launch. What are the main benefits for patrons who download your app? There are a lot of reasons our patrons download Pittsburgh Opera’s mobile app. Some of the main benefits that it provides are: An easy way to learn about our upcoming events A simple way to drill down and learn more about our artists – the headliners, Resident Artists, orchestra musicians and wonderful chorus members who bring our performances to life A paperless way to view our Program Books Exclusive content, such as ‘fun facts’ about our performances and performers What’s your favorite thing about your app? The ease of use, not just for the consumer, but from the content-entry and admin side as well How do you promote your mobile app? We promote our app a variety of ways. We tout it in our e-newsletters, on social media, and in printed materials such as direct mail pieces and our Program Books. What’s the feedback on the app been like from your patrons? First, patrons love that it exists. “Wow, that’s so cool that you have a mobile app!” The most talked-about feature is the ‘welcome’ messages they receive when they cross one of our Geofences attending an event. I had been worried that folks would find it intrusive or annoying, but everyone who’s mentioned it thinks it’s brilliant and enjoy getting the messages. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = difficult, 10 = easy), how easy was the mobile app to implement? Probably about an 8. The app is sophisticated, and there are a lot of details you need to get right. But it’s much easier to implement than you’d expect. What has customer support been like? InstantEncore’s customer support has been outstanding. They were patient and helpful throughout the set-up process. They respond to every inquiry promptly. Occasionally I have a question or stumble upon a bug, and they are always quick to jump in and help whenever needed. Check it out! Click here to download the Pittsburgh Opera App