Creating Valuable Audience Relationships with Eau Claire Regional Arts Center
It is important for your app to have a purpose. For some, it is event listings and ticket sales, for others it’s digital content. The best apps provide all of this and more, thereby increasing the value of the event experience for the patron. Giving patrons special deals and exclusive content, a convenient way to get tickets for upcoming events, and targeted reminders to keep them engaged is a winning recipe for patron loyalty. We spoke with Elaine Coughlin, Marketing Director at Eau Claire Regional Arts Center about why they wanted an app and their experience working directly with InstantEncore to create a mobile app that fits their needs. To learn more about how InstantEncore can work directly with you to create the best app experience, read about our App Management Pro service. State Theatre, Eau Claire Regional Arts Center, Eau Claire, Wisconsin Why did you decide to offer a mobile app for your patrons? The Eau Claire Regional Arts Center created an app so we could be easily accessible and create valuable relationships with our audiences. We wanted to provide and create a virtual space for our patrons to go just with the touch of their fingertips. We wanted an app that offered more content than our website can in a more flexible format. Instead of using many different mobile options for different uses and trying to coordinate them, an app would provide us a central point to offer all of these options in one place. Why did you choose InstantEncore’s mobile solution? As we searched for an app provider InstantEncore stood out because of the many conversations with team members throughout the year at various conferences and events. The InstantEncore team is very informed and knowledgeable about the performing arts industry and very easy to work and communicate with. Our InstantEncore representative was excellent in training our marketing team on the usability of the app and since then we have been able to easily add or make changes as needed. What are the main benefits for patrons who download your app? As a venue that provides services to many different users in the area and to those passing through the area, we can provide a consistent and comprehensive patron experience for each of those experiences, that they may not be able to do on their own. Patrons also have access to special discounts and offers they would not otherwise get without the app. What’s your favorite thing about your app? Our favorite thing about the app is that we can create different experiences for all of the different shows that take place at our facility. With the At the Venue feature, we have the ability to control what and where different items go which allow us to transform each show for a better experience. How do you promote your mobile app? We promote our mobile app in several ways. When it first launched we created special discounts for the shows coming up around that time to encourage people to download the app and purchase tickets direct. We use web ads, our weekly newsletters, social networks, print outs for the night of performances, and we place our app icon in ads to remind regularly about the availability of our app. What’s the feedback on the app been like from your patrons? We had our marketing committee and family and friends do a test run before announcing the app and used some of their minor suggestions to make a few changes. Since then, the feedback has been very positive from both artists and performers as well as our patrons. They have enjoyed having access to us through a mobile app and are excited to learn what it can do in the future. On a scale from 1 to 10, how easy was the app to implement? 10. InstantEncore worked with us to get our app set up in a timely manner and also provided training that was easy to follow along. It is very user friendly and we found it quite easy to jump right in and begin working with all of the features offered. What has customer support been like? InstantEncore has been amazing to work with. They are quick to help and respond to anything you may need. Our representative provided excellent training, tools and tips for us to use as we learned how we can utilize all of the features provided by InstantEncore. Check it out! Click here to download the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center’s App