Cultivating Custom Content with Ticket Philadelphia
Ticket Philadelphia is not your typical fine arts mobile app. Covering seven different performances spaces, it takes more than just setting up event listings and selling tickets to be successful (as a Tessitura software user, this is handled by an integration with their database). It requires providing helpful resources about these venues to make sure audience members can be informed and completely enjoy their event experience. In general, the app looks fantastic. A stunning loading screen, pleasing highlight color, a background that doesn’t overpower the content, and they make great use of the Slideshow home tab. High quality images and slides featuring selected events at different venues give you a good glance at what shows are coming up soon. But the very first slide links to the “Your Visit” tab. Ticket Philadelphia understands that the app is not just driving ticket sales. It is a complete mobile box office with the ability to get tickets, find information, and get questions answered. Now obviously with this many venues they have A LOT of information. So, how did Ticket Philadelphia include everything someone could possibly need to know without overwhelming them with long scrolling pages or having too many menu options? Nested Custom Tabs Note: Click here for a refresher on how to create custom tabs. It would be easy to just add a bunch of Custom Tabs for the different areas of information that should be included in the app and be done with it. But then the main menu would be filled with possibly dozens of different options. It would get pretty hard to navigate. Instead, they started with one main “Your Visit” directory tab. After a brief introduction, this tab provides links to other custom tabs, one for each theater. Academy of Music Forrest Theatre Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts (which includes the Kimmel Center, Verizon Hall, and Perelman Theater) Merriam Theater Patriots Theater Each one of these sub-directory tabs includes an embedded image of the venue and links to more tabs of information. These tabs include sections such as: Getting to the Theater: The theater address, an embedded google map, driving directions, and public transit info Parking: The garage addresses and guaranteed parking reservations Dining Options: Restaurant names with links, addresses, and phone numbers with telephone links Accessibility Info: Wheelchair access info, elevators and stairs, restroom locations, and assistive listening device availability FAQ: Logistics, history, accessibility, limited view seats, seating capacity, group tickets, box office info, tours, and more Once all of these custom tabs were created, the Get URL Tool allowed them to easily find the proper in-app link for each tab. These were used in each of the directory tabs to create a seamless in-app navigation experience. Then, any tab that shouldn’t show up in the main menu had its ‘Display’ box unchecked. These tabs still exists in the app, but they are now only accessible via the links embedded in the custom tabs. In total, this method has allowed Ticket Philadelphia to condense 24 tabs of information into one single menu item and require only three taps to get to the actual information. This is a great user experience. Other useful custom tabs in their app include a Seating Charts tab (again using nested custom tabs instead of embedding all of the images in one long page), a Rush Tickets info tab, and a Contact Us tab. The result is an app menu which is easy to navigate and doesn’t overwhelm the user with too many options right away. An app that is only used to sell tickets and does nothing else might attract some interest from your audience members. But an app that provides every single piece of information they could possibly need leading up to and during a performance will be an invaluable tool that lives in their pocket, and will give you the opportunity to connect with them, engage them, and keep them coming back for more. Well done Ticket Philadelphia! Check it out! Click here to download the Ticket Philadelphia App