Gertrude C. Ford Center Gives Patrons Direct and Easy Access
In today’s always-connected world, people have come to expect easy access to information, wherever they are, at any time. At InstantEncore, our goal is to make it easy for arts organizations to provide this level of connection with their audiences via our mobile apps. Kate Meacham, Marketing Director at the Gertrude C. Ford Center, takes a moment to talk about why they wanted an InstantEncore app: The benefit it provides to their customers, the features they enjoy, and their setup experience. Main Hall at Gertrude C. Ford Center, University, Mississippi Why did you decide to offer a mobile app for your patrons? We felt that it gave our customers direct access to Ford Center information without having to search for our website. Also, as an app, it gives the Ford Center greater visibility just by seeing the app icon on their phones. Also, the option to send push notifications was an appealing way to interact with our patrons. Why did you choose InstantEncore’s mobile solution? It made it easy for us to have an app. We didn’t have to hire someone to program one. InstantEncore’s customizable app had the features we wanted and made it easy to brand it as our own. What are the main benefits for Ford Center patrons who download your app? The main benefit for our patrons is easy access to purchase tickets through direct links to the box office online or by one-click calling. The At-the Venue module provides early access to program information and special promotions by our sponsors. What’s your favorite thing about the Ford Center app? I like the At the Venue module, the push notification option and although I haven’t used it yet, the geofence message. How do you promote the mobile app to your patrons? We list it on all our print ads, it is featured on our pre-show slide show, information is included in our email blasts and on social media. How easy was the mobile app to implement? The app is easy to use. Setting up events and using the app features has been easy. What has customer support been like? The blog is very informative and keeps us up-to-date with features and anytime I have had questions, the response from the staff has been quick and helpful. Check it out! Click here to download the Gertrude C. Ford Center’s App