RSVP…Thanks so much for the invite.
RSVP…Thanks so much for the invite. It’s such an amazing feeling to be part of someone’s happy moments. And what moments could be happier than popping the question with an engagement ring? So here’s our RSVP…thanks so much for the invite. How He Asked Thanks so much for invite In 1986 when Israel Davidov started I.D. JEWELRY he did it as a means to an end. It was to support his family. He had a skill and he wanted to capitalize on it. He was a suburb diamond cutter and an amazing sales person. Even though his English was sub-par, it was his honesty that spoke volumes to people. He was able to look beyond the dollar value and see what each person needed rather than what they asked for. That talent carried over to his son Yekutiel, who today is your go to guy for oval diamond engagement rings, cushion engagement rings, pear shape engagement rings, in short any shape engagement ring you need. Thanks for making us part of your special day Today I.D. JEWELRY is one of the most sought after diamond jewelry stores in the United States and abroad. And yes, everyone works for a profit, everyone works to put food on the table, but it’s only recently that we’ve been able to overshadow the grind part of the business and highlight what we’ve really been doing. The same thing we’ve been doing for the past 31 years. That’s, building families. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past 31 years. Thanks to social media that part of our work has been brought to the forefront. I.D. Jewelry all over the world We’ve always had a special connection with each of our customers. We’d start the relationship off with small birthday gift idea like a necklace or bracelet, a promise ring, and gradually escalate to the inevitable diamond engagement ring. Then we reinforce the relationship at the wedding band stage by providing his and hers wedding bands. And then as many in the jewelry store business know, you don’t see that customer for a little while. They get married and life takes priority. And then we sit and reminisce and think to ourselves “whatever happened to So & So?” Until that one fine day, that they have a baby and need a push present or an anniversary gift. Then we can finally take the time to reconnect and catch up. And this practice held true for years. We’d always have to wait until they came in again to be able to catch up and hear about the amazing accomplishments they’ve made as a family…the family that we helped get started. Making Families Mind you, we take no credit for the hard work it takes to keep a loving and caring relationship working, but we do have that warm place in our hearts for each and every couple. It’s like telling your moms OBGYN you are the baby he/she delivered oh so many years ago. That’s the sort of connection we feel with each of you. So it warms our hearts to be able to see the fruits of our labor on social media instantaneously. The magic of tagging and sharing is amazing. It’s so amazing to be able to share that sweet romantic moment when he pops the questions. Nowadays pictures are taken of almost every moment of our days, so it’s only natural that a magnificent moment like your proposal would be documented as well. Then comes the social media part. Your magical moment gets posted on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat, YouTube and oh so many more channels and we get to be part of it. So we want to take this moment and thank you. So here’s our RSVP…Thanks so much for the invite. Thank you for making all our hard work all the more worth while. And may the road ahead be as exciting and memorable as the proposal.