Solid gold bling at the Grammys
Solid gold bling at the Grammys was the color theme that was most obvious to me. From concept to conception, it seemed that solid gold was color of choice. And not for nothing. I remember while growing up in the 80’s, if a song or album was really popular it would go GOLD. And then as I got even older some records even went platinum. I think the Grammys were trying to get that feeling back because at the Grammys solid gold bling was obvious. From Beyoncé’s performance attire, Beyoncé was Solid Gold At The Grammys to Demi Lavato’s champagne gold plunge neck gown, Demi Lovato Champagne Gold Dress At The Grammys Flirty Demi Lovato Champagne Gold Dress At The Grammys Solid Gold Bling at the Grammys was definitely the constant theme coming to mind. Ceelo Green decided to take that idea up a notch with his solid gold bling at the Grammys. I was just left speechless. And I’m sure most everyone else was too. Cee lo Green was Solid Gold At The Grammys Even Lauren Daigle was strutting her stuff…or lack there of…in a soft gold sequin gown. Lauren Daigle Is Solid Gold At The Grammys And you know I never forget about the men. Ones who really stood out were Mr. Beyoncé Knowels aka Jay Z with his diamond encrusted panther’s head ring. Jay Z was Solid Gold At The Grammys In His Diamond Encrusted Panther’s Head Ring And, for reasons that perhaps only I would understand, Chase The Rapper. Being that Chase is from Chicago, him winning a Grammy was almost nostalgic of Mr. Micheal Jordan himself with his first Larry O’Brien NBA championship Trophy in 1991. Chase The Rapper and Micheal Jordan Both Chicago Natives And for the women who wanted to follow the rules but decided not to, it was easy to trace their color themes back to the original solid gold at the Grammys. RiRi (Rihanna) decided to go with a fiery orange tank top look and flowy gown-like skirt. Gold can occasionally give off that fiery glow. Rihanna Was Solid Gold Bling At The Grammys And last, bust certainly not least, the record breaking Adele. Adele took home a whopping 5 Grammy awards last night. But what really caught my eye was her elegant choice of gown. Adele Was Solid Gold Bling At The Grammys Her deep green crossover dress was simply illuminated with traces of gold shimmer. It almost looked like gold from the Mediterranean. Her porcelain skin and stunning features were perfectly showcased in her Gold-ish olive evening gown.