Kylie Jenner’s Diamond Tennis Necklace
Kylie Jenner’s Christmas Gift Kylie Jenner’s Diamond Tennis Necklace, her Christmas gift from Bea Michael Ray Stevenson a.k.a Tyga (Thank You G-d Always) was absolutely stunning. Kylie’s Diamond Tennis Necklace She wore her Diamond Tennis Necklace to the Kardashian’s Christmas Party, or more correctly was gifted it there. Her black mermaid jumpsuit was perfectly complimented by the endless drapery of diamonds. I follow this social media mogul and her family, and can’t help to notice how much bling they all wear… every day. Ms. Jenner has an enormous oval diamond halo ring that’s supposedly just a “promise ring”…a promise of an even bigger diamond…I can only dream. And recently I’ve noticed that she started wearing eternity bands… I mean the big mama ones. You know…the ones you get on your 20th wedding anniversary. I mean, I have customers that try on the most delicate, dainty jewelry and say, “when will I ever wear this?” Or “I can’t wear this everyday”. Well now, I can tell them that if Kylie can, so can you. Being in the center of Manhattan Diamond District puts us up front and center to all the diamond jewelry trends. Diamond Riviera Tennis Necklace Years ago women were gifted this amazingly beautiful diamond Rivera Necklaces. They were mostly given to women of an earlier era, but as times have become more modern the women, and men, getting these necklaces are getting younger and younger. A classic tennis necklace was of a graduated design. Front and center you had the few larger diamonds and as you’d travel further back the necklace you’d be met with smaller diamonds. Diamond Tennis Necklace Today the tides have shifted and there is a greater demand for tennis necklaces with the design of a tennis bracelet. All diamonds of the same size throughout the entirety of the necklace. Wearing a diamond Tennis necklace is a statement. A statement of class, and a statement of stature. It has merely come to pass that a classic timeless piece like the Riviera Tennis Necklace has been left to the more esteemed era, whereas the new choker type Tennis Necklace has come to be a more minimalist, everyday collection to a jewelry wardrobe.